Many Eastern philosophers believe that attachment is the root of all unhappiness,and I tend to agree.

When you become attached to something,someone,or a particular result,you unwittingly attach your happiness to it as well.

Overly attached people are generally very needy,which is an unattractive quality that will actually push the desired outcome further away.

In network marketing business,people can go all in and place their chips,hopes,and dreams on the success of a single person.

People can put new reps on a pedestal with comments like,”This guy knows everyone!”…

And then they carry on as if the success of their network marketing carrer revolves around whether or not they get started in the business or not.

It only takes a couple of experiences to realize that these scenarios never pan out the way we want them to.

Detaching from the result in this business is the most powerful thing that you can do.

It has a magical liberating power that can even have prospects chasing you.

It´s kind of like having a crush on someone at school…

When you´re too keen or are too attached,it almost never ends well,and they usually make a run for it.

It´s the same in this business.

There are hundreds of millions of people out there who are dead broke and who are looking for an opportunity like you have to offer,so there´s absolutely no excuse for being needy or attached.

Talk Soon,

Bill Proios

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