It’s a beautiful day here in Lagos, Nigeria. About flying down to Benin to be with my family for Christmas and sweet springs of gratitude flows from my heart.

My heart keeps pumping fast and it feels like something is about to get out of me. I mean, really quick!

I want to talk about gratitude attitude. I mean ability to be grateful for what you have, or have not!

Gratitude Always
I exhibit gratitude always attitude because whoever that is grateful will always have more to be thankful and grateful for.

Get this quick…gratitude is an “action” word.


Come closer…I want to say something strange to the ears of a common man but heavy to a man of wisdom.

When you are grateful, you attract more than you could ever have imagined.

Gratitude opens doors…and lack of it closes the same door at any different point in time.

But before embark on the journey to a gratituos land of abundant blessing, let’s delve further more into some inspiring quotes and phrases about gratitude.

Be a GRATEFUL being…even for your DESIRE for SUCCESS and the ability to DREAM.

Gratitude could be expressed through your commitment to what you VALUE. If you want to learn more about value, read this.

Value your Dreams, Visions, Career, and your full life!

My intention is to charge and invoke the spirit of gratitude that has been rendered dormant in you to rise.

So, let’s talk about 3 ways to be grateful always.

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