Yes, Grace!

Grace is an enabler of GREATNESS. It softens the ground for your establishment, either in career, business or ministry.

Grace is an enabler of GREATNESS in you. Olawale Daniel

All humans are birthed with a special gift for exploits, but not all are graced for global impact.

For each promotion, success or growth you encounter in life, there is a consumerate measure of grace that comes with it.

If you are truly and justly promoted, you’ll have the grace of that office to aid your impacts.

But, if you pay, or play the corny and swift game, for it, you will struggle with it. Take it or leave it, grace is priceless and cannot be bought with diamonds or anything in this world, even Californium, Uranium which are few of the most valued and costliest natural resources in the world cannot buy it.

Hear this, you can’t buy grace with money.

When you see someone who’s graced in a capacity that you covet so much, all you can do is to work with them in that capacity. You cannot just fight someone that the grace to do exploits has been deposited in their life.

There is a place of money, prayer, and that of grace.

Grace itself, stands on its own.

Pray for grace, not money because when you are graced, money will come finding you in that tight corner of relevance.

In closing, grace could also be likened to your Perceived Value that no one else can match in this world. It could be an ability to solve a particular problem for a selected group of people that no one else can solve like you do.

All over the world, they’d be looking for who can fix the issue (or solve that problem), and your name will keep coming into the limelight because you are the most valued human asset that can solve the puzzle.

Nobody in this world is as graced as you are. So, create a time to discover where you are graced at (your purpose), and position yourself to live in its reality.

I declare today that I am graced for global impact and international relevance. You can say it your own way.

And remember that, a graced man cannot be disgraced under any circumstances.

Grace is an enabler of GREATNESS in you. Discover your grace spot.

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