Happy new month of June! We are getting close to the end of this year. The countdown is already on!

Either you want to believe it or not, before you know it, the EMBER months will jump into the conversation.

What next? The new year 2019, BOOM!


I am concerned about you!

Yes, you!

Remember what you told yourself this time last year? Though, I wasn’t there when you were making those promises but I could relate you want to;

But, I’m sad to hear that you haven’t done most of those things. In fact, you’ve done otherwise most of the things you detested (just like Apostle Paul puts it that he do those things he wasn’t actually proud of, whereas the things he is proud of, he couldn’t do those for the flesh is controlling him.)

I’m sad to know you are already giving up on those beautiful dreams and goals because of stresses and pressure of life – but you’ve forgotten that Life Drama was a song by Abolore Akande (aka 9ice), which detailed challenges you’ve got to undergo for your name to be written in gold.

My brother, I have a good news for you!

You are getting close to achieving those things you have, or almost, given up on, I’m certain and sure of that. You don’t need to let the situations around you drain out your motivation from going forward.

Failure is great teacher – they teaches us how not to fail woefully in our next attempts. You are getting close to launching that business project. Oh, that lady didn’t accept your proposal of friendship which would later leads into marriage? And you want to kill yourself?

Don’t be bothered about that, rebrand your self packaging and the manner of approach. Be resilient in your approach because you are getting close to getting your YES!

YESes are available and obtainable for those who can try, try again, try another time again, try once more time and again and again until they get what they are seeking for.

I want to challenge you to fail forward and push harder. Revisit those great ideas because the time to execute them without apology is now, and never!

You are way too close to the prize than to go back to your comfort zone.

Common, get yourself together and TRY once more time. But this time, one thing that’s certain is, winning is inevitable!

You are a winner!

Happy new month of June!

– Olawale Daniel

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