I woke up stronger than expected today at about 4AM or thereabout. All I could do was to pray and while I was about tackling today’s activities on my file, I realized I’m kind of feeling a little bit dizzy. Immediately I heard a voice in my ear.

You know what I hear?

If you sleep now, what would your future self say about your action of today when tomorrow comes?

I was awakened in my spirit right after the moment and I felt I should jot down some notable thoughts for those who’d care to listen.

So, I’m throwing back the question to you in form of an interactive discussion.

– decide to sleep now
– decide to rest now
– decide to procrastinate now
– decide not to submit that proposal
– decide not to take that risk yet until you’re buoyant or comfortable.

Would Your Future Self Be Happy About Your Decision?

Your choice and decision makes you - but would your future self be happy about it?
Your choice and decision makes you. What would your future self think of the choice you are making today? Think about this before you choose your path! RIGHT OR LEFT?

What would your future self say/think of you?

I have been able to ask myself “What would my future self be thinking if I decide to sleep instead of being awake to tackle today’s activities” and the answer I got from my inner man couldn’t just let me consider dizziness as the way forward but alertness.

A preacher says awhile ago in His wildly popular quote that if you want to be successful, you have got to give up sleep. You have got to do the undo-able, think the unthinkable, challenge the untouchable (at your place of work, school, and anywhere bigger authority may be used over you), thread the untread-able and walk the unwalk-able pathway to success.

Just do the UN and you’ll be successful.

He said as much as you love sleep; love to be in your comfort zones, you can only smell success when you are around those achieving it but you’d not dare TRY IT YOURSELF. And when you don’t try, what it implies is, you’d always call the successful people ritualist, scammers, money launderers, thieves…the truth is, you may be right. But, in most of the cases, you’re wrong. Not all rich people are what you thought they are.

The reality there is, what differentiate you from them is;

you ain’t go’on see no one to motivate you to succeed except you start from within you.

But you fail to realize that;

Your inner motivation is the best source of protein to your muscles. Use it.

You have got to show the world that you exist through your inventions.

It is inside you! Look deeper and identify your why, then go all out to make your future self happy about your today’s actions. That’s all that is needed for you to get going. Your future self needs to be happy about the decisions you are making today.

ALWAYS ask yourself this, what would my future self think of my today’s action?

If you are convinced that where you are is not where you supposed to be, then get your asses together and get things doing.

You are bigger than the kinda treatment you are getting from the world. Common, you deserve some accolades. Only you can claim those accolades because no one would claim them for you.

To rap up my today’s rambling, I’d say, you’re better off to try today than to wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for perfect moment, make this moment perfect by your action. Let your future self thank you, bless you and be proud of who you were ten, twenty, thirty or more years from now.

Go make yourself proud today. You CAN and YOU WILL.
– Olawale Daniel™

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