Do you know Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander?

Wizard Of The First Order

A plague swept through a village, leaving many people dead in its wake. Zed decided to suspend his main goal, and use his magic to heal the people.

This is how it worked.

He would touch one villager at a time, “soaking up” the plague into his own body. The villager would heal immediately, while Zed would rest for a bit so that his magic could kill the plague in his own body.

Only that there was a problem.

The people didn’t care. Immediately, they found out he could heal them, they paid no attention to his terms. They were dying. They couldn’t afford to wait.

So, Zed was encompassed by the villagers, all touching him at once. Zed would have died if his friends didn’t return to save him on time.

Are you Zeddicus?

They’ve told you.

To be a leader, you must be selfless.

So, you jumped into the sky, saying yes to everyone’s needs. You neglected your own farm, but it’s all right. You are the Messiah of us all, after all.

Not so fast, Billy!

To be truly selfless, you must risk being selfish.

Here. Take some water. Let me explain.

Imagine you have 5 hens in the middle of a famine. The hens lay 5 eggs a day. You and 4 friends take one each, but you’re not filled.

You have three options.

1. Keep managing the eggs. It’s not enough, but you are alive. You should be grateful.

2. Kill one hen a day. You will eat and eat… And run out within a week.

3. Starve for a day. Let the hens hatch 5 eggs. Let the chicks grow, and you have 10 hens laying 10 eggs. You only have to starve a day.

Make a choice now.

You make this choice each day.

With every resource you have. You can choose to help everyone right now, and be the nice guy. You will have no time for yourself, but people will loooove you.

Or you can choose to focus on your YOUniverse. Serve your YOUniverse first. Focus on the things that will grow you. Focus on the life you are building.

Focus on your dreams. Stand tall while people tell you about how wicked you are. You are so arrogant. You’ve forgotten your people. This is all right.

You are doing it for the YOUniverse.

Guard your resources jealously.

Ruthlessly defend your empire.

Everyone else will use you if you drop guard. And they won’t be evil. We all need one another’s help. Of course, they will ask you.

And you should help when you can. However, even too much honey can make you vomit. Helping others at the expense of your life isn’t always wise.

Understand that being nice can actually be evil. While we are at it, Google “The etymology of Nice”. See where the word comes from.

It isn’t so “nice” now, is it?

You see, playing Messiah sounds so noble and romantic… Until the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan.

And when the said shit blows up and you lay there hanging, the ones whom you sacrificed yourself for would ask, “Didn’t he save others? Let him save himself now.”

For the YOUniverse, for the future you are diligently creating, learn to say no. Good people will understand if you explain why.

As for the others who will talk you down, I only have one advice for you.

Don’t take constructive criticism from those who have not constructed anything.


Tope Fabusola

The Firebrand CEO

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