It was my first free Saturday in weeks, With over 70 webinar consulting sessions within the past 2 months as well as other outbound training sessions, I decided my Saturday would be for sleep, premiership catch up and laundry.

While sorting some clothes I had not worn in a while, I had that incling to search the pockets.

Interestingly, the first pocket I dipped my hand into had some cash probably left there for a few weeks. After counting, the total amount came to N10,300.

Hmmmm I said to myself, “but I can’t remember when I left this money here. Interestingly, I can’t still remember. Right then it dawned on me that I had wasted an opportunity to invest loose resources. I asked myself how many people out there had a stash of cash doing nothing for them? .

I soon realised that we could actually make better use of our resources. Some of us have items in our possession that needs to go on rental, cars in our yards that need to go on Uber or Bolt, land that can grow plantain while we save up for the development. .

What resources do you have that has remained unused? We stay foolish when we remain like the guy who hid his investment in the parable of the talent.

It’s another Monday morning…I challenge you to put that abandoned resource to use. Its another Monday morning..

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