Fela Durotoye Emerges as the PACT’s Consensus Presidential Candidate for the 2019 General Elections

As at yesterday evening, there were 18 presidential aspirants under the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) who were scheduled to participate in the selection process today for a concensus candidate for the presidential elections come 2019.

During the PACT conference today, only 13 of the presidential aspirants showed up for the meeting, out of which two candidates opted out just before the voting process began leaving the number to 11 candidates who took part in the first round of voting.

Three candidates emerged as a result of a tie in the first round of the selection process namely Fela Durotoye, Kingsley Moghalu and Mathias Baba Tsado with 2 votes respectively while the rest shared one vote each and two aspirants had no votes at all.

Just before beginning the second round of the selection process, another member of the PACT respectfully opted out leaving the PACT to 10 candidates who now had the responsibility of deciding who their consensus candidate will be.

The 3 top candidates were asked to step outside while the remaining 7 candidates remained to decide who the PACT’s consensus presidential aspirant.

At the end of the second round of voting, Fela Durotoye emerged as the PACT’s consensus presidential aspirant with 4 votes while Kingsley Moghalu followed closely with 3 votes as announced by the Mrs. Oby Ekwesili who was invited to monitor the transparency of the process.

Fela Durotoye, in accepting the nomination as the PACT’s consensus presidential candidate thanked all the presidential aspirants who formed PACT from inception and assured Nigeria that he is not arrogant to claim that he has all the answers but that he will earn the people’s trust and also their votes.

In his words, as seen on Instagram, “I take this nomination as a Consensus Candidate with great sense of responsibility; knowing that I and our generation have been entrusted with a mandate to show Nigerians the kind of leadership they truly desire and deserve and to inspire the hope of a better future; a New Nigeria.

The 2019 elections will be a referendum between our past and our future; between the same old change and a New hope, the old and the young, politics and good governance, joblessness and jobs, politicians and nation builders and between experience and expertise.

We don’t expect it to be easy. We will be held to higher standards than the establishment, our methods and conduct scrutinized more closely to determine if we are the same old wine, repackaged in new wine skins.

We assure you that we are nothing like what our nation has experienced over the last 58 years, but we will earn your trust, and eventually, your votes. I am not arrogant to claim that i have all the answers, but I am humble enough to say that I will listen to all your questions.”

Congratulations to our PACT’s Presidential candidate elect and congratulations to all presidential aspirants who came together to make this a reality and to all Nigerians who earnestly desire the New Nigeria. This win is for all of us.

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