Happy New Month to you!

Welcome to February 2019.

This February is your month and everything that has failed to work since January, they’ll begin to work for you.

Welcome to February - The Month of Actualization of Dreams and Dramas - Olawale Daniel
February is your month of execution and actualization of your big dreams. It is your month of divine encounter. You will surely be favoured in this month. You will move from Good to Great and from Grass to Grace.

This february comes lots of dramas from politicians, don’t be distracted.
Lots of love in the air for the Valentinians!

Doors of opportunities will open. And you shall take advantage.

Go harder this month because there are lots to be done and lots of money to be made.

Don’t joke with anything about this month. Consider how other person on the receiving end would feel by your actions or non-actions – so think it over before you click, post!

If Asiwaju the furniture could commit suicide right here in this country because of banters, abuses, attacks, and non-challant attitude of fellow Nigerian twitter trollers on Twitter, you should be prepared for the worst. Our advancements in this world is vastly eroding us the benefits of humanity – we don’t care anymore, but just about our individual happiness.

And lastly, it is going to be a month of funny dramas and telenovelas in this country, be prepared for the premiere. In fact, go get your front row ticket because Twitter Nigeria is getting ready.

Do not get carried away by sweet talkers in the political scene of Nigeria. They may come as saints trying to woo you onto their own sides…never get carried away because of a morsel of bread.

Get smart and Vote your future wisely.
Vote for your conscience.

Don’t vote on emotion…getting emotional attached to politicians ain’t gonna change their thoughts and decisions towards you.

In fact, emotion and sentiment are part of the tools used in winning your heart during political campaigns. It is part of the game. Don’t fall for it.

Remember that;

“all tyranny requires to get a foothold is for men and women of value and Valor like you to stay uninterested in challenging the status quo.”

If you are ready, God is ready to make everything work in this nation once again.

We’ve been outside the country and know how things were in those places.

We can duplicate them here if there are good policies and execution in place here as well.

We can do it by choosing the right leader with good hearts and experience towards driving the affairs of this country forward.

Let’s show our future generations that in our own time, we stood for what we believed in – a working nation. A nation that stood up despite all the odds and challenges before it.

We can do this.

If Ghana could do it, we can.

If Rwanda can do it, we too can.

If South Africa could stand up against apartheid, we can stand against any form of tyranny in our nation.

And all that is really important to effect such change is your Voter’s Card…yes, your PVC.

I was at the INEC office earlier today to get mine. I applied for a correction of name the last time I was there a year ago, but I was surprised they didn’t actually made any correction. Instead, they reprinted it as is. I love it like that because that priceless jewel will help me to choose a leader with conscience in the next couple of days.

You should feel the same way. Your PVC is all that you have left after several years of failed leadership in this country. So this February, don’t make the same mistake of not realizing the value it carries.

Don’t sell it for cheap or any form of stomach infrastructure.

It is worth more than $50 Million if you know how much poverty affect a nation and deprived its citizens of their self worth.

Don’t sell yourself too short.

This February is your month where you make amends and record great feat.

Make it count.

You can, and YOU WILL!

– #DoctorRESIDUAL signing out!

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