ASK YOURSELF…..What is it in my capacity that I can’t give out?

Luke 16:10-13

What are things I have that I cannot give to others?

Have I raised the poor?

What are my contributions to others?

Be faithful in little things….Your appearance doesn’t matter to your wealth…. God knows why he made you the way you are.

Just appreciate how you look and move on with life because faithfulness in little things leads to success.

Be faithful in little things - Mother TheresaPlease note that “Riches on earth is nothing, riches in heaven is eternal….”


From the beginning of this year, who have I helped? what are things God have given me that I have used to helped others this year?

Just tell him that “Please God help me as I am about to help others, please provide for you and he would surely provide.”

Matt 25:14-18, 1 Cor 4:2

How to Get More from God This Year

-> Cheerfully give out to others

-> Don’t hold tithe

-> Don’t hold too tight with others

-> Know that it is good to give

Please note: “When you give, you get what you don’t expect”

-> Have you prayed for the missionaries?

-> Have you prayed for your family’s stubborn or hardened minds?

-> Are you making use of your talents for God?

Thank God for everything

ASK YOURSELF, what are GOOD things I have done to:

-> Myself

-> My neighbors

-> My God

When you’re able to get the right answer, you will start to move up higher.

– Shalom!

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