Now I know why DJ Khaled always say ‘Bless Up’.

Entitlement kills the inner man in you. It renders it useless and dependable on others for a living. It could even lead the subject into committing crimes against self and humanity.

Don’t let your emotions becloud your decision when you are at the receiving end.

Let this sink in well. You don’t deserve whatever help you are getting.

It is just Grace in action that doesn’t give room for you to be Disgraced.

Imagine if such privilege haven’t surfaced, where and how would you have been coping?

Man, hear the truth, you ain’t worth the price tag you placed on yourself yet. When you reach that level, you wouldn’t have to fight for the respek!

Yeah, I know I wrote respek instead of respect!

Respect has been misunderstood for years, so Respek would help you to have a clearer view of what this post is aimed at achieving for you.

The fact that your brother is wealthy, and living abroad doesn’t mean you deserve to turn yourself into a ghost worker ? collecting salary and stipends for being unproductive in his company.

The good Book puts it’s right that;

whatever thy hands findeth to do, do it with all thine heart.

Here is the good path, if your ✋✋✋findeth begging to do, ownership and entitlement would be your best bet to achieving your objectives in life.

That’s when you’d remember that your distance coursin who resides in the US actually ought to have sent you his last iPhone instead of listing it on eBay.

Lack of personal Respek for yourself would drag you into that tight corner where ego and pride would take absolute charge of your mind.

Who said you cannot work hard and excel to sponsor those people abroad from right from home?

It is all in the mind. A weak mind is weak, no amount of press up or morning exercise can account for its inadequacies.

The only remedy for maximum fulfilment in life is positive mind, set towards productive activities that would later yield massive financial and emotional stability.

Tell yourself no lies, those things aren’t yours. But you can get them if you work smart or hard for it.

And on a final note, one magical antidote to feeling entitled at all times is Gratitude Attitude. Be grateful for whatever you have and have pride in what you used your strength to gather.

Let no man take pride in your achievements. That doesn’t mean people won’t help you up. But make it a point of duty to help yourself first before they’d notice you need more hands.

If you practice gratitude attitude every day, nothing in this world would matter much to you than your own PEACE OF MIND!

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