In about three decades on this planet, I’ve had my own share of what could be counted as ups and downs of life!
The Ups tells more about those beautiful moments of life where everywhere you turn, there’d be something to smile about. Things are just working, either as planned, or as orchestrated by nature.
The Downs on the other hands reminds us of choices we made. We were reminded of what needed to be done, the action we have taken which might have brought about the present experiences. The downs, most of the times aren’t always sweet, but embedded in them are; sweet and honey comb filled with wisdom for future life battles and challenges.
On this page, I’d be sharing both of the UPs and the Downs of my day to day journey!
My expectations are that, one day, you’ll look back at your life and be able to give glory to God for sending those beautiful memories filled with Ups and Downs; because they are the factors that makes a true man or a virtuous woman!
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