Disruption is not just a trend, it is a new business model!

Disruptive technologies is taking over the world of commerce and it is even going far beyond business by touching every aspects of our daily lives. It would be shameful to assume nothing is happening around us.

The winds of change everywhere around us is signalling the end of an era and the rise of a new revolution, welcome to the era of disruptive technology!

Few years ago, it was Nokia 3310…I remember how costly it was to own the then most popular phone, Nokia 3310 and other Nokia series. Sooner than expected, the disruptive model that be in the world of technology innovation ignited a change and today, you have the iPhones, the Android powdered Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, and lots other upcoming indigenous brands.

Ages ago, no WiFi, I remember we are accustomed to browsing through a cable line networks like the defuncted Starcomms, Multilinks and the government owned Nitel which was later sold due to the changing game of the industry. But today, there is MTN (which was acronymized then by me then as Mountain Transfer to Nigeria…you know the drill now…lol), Globacom, Econet (then Zain and today it is now Airtel). All these development are credits to disruptive technology sweeping away old thinking pattern by replacing it with newfound knowledge and discoveries for the betterment of the masses.

I can still recollect that to open a web page then, it will take lots of time, and to download a 50MB file then, you’d have to wait for like 30-45 minutes with consistent failures.

What about automobile industry…?

It was then TOYOTA HIACE with the tagline MA TOYOTA EST FANTASTIQUE that we see all around us, and anyone who could afford such can be term comfortable by the looks of it. But fast forward to 2017…you have great cars that runs faster than anything you can find around. The Lexus, the Hondas, the Hyundais, and the recent least of expensive fleets embedded with automation technology – that’s disruption of the first order for a car to drives itself without any human intervention.

From manual to automatic steering, and tomorrow, Tesla is already planning to launch cars that flies into the moon. So also is Bartini planning an unmanned Blockchain based taxi services where you could travel to the space without cash, all expenses paid via your blockchain powered cryptocurrency! Can you imagine that?

By 2020, some of the top world leading nations of the world are envisaging a carbonless economy, so they are bent on reducing fuel consumption and the effect of CO2 on our planet. That means, more cars will run on nature-powered technologies such as solar energy, water (H20), grass, wind, and host of other natural resources would be used to power the future cars that is going to be manufactured for that era. Unfortunately, Nigeria is still depending on oil as our standout export product, but I pray we will look elsewhere soon because fuel-less car are going to be everywhere and nobody would consume fuel like before anymore.

Talking about drone technology?

The age of taking blurry pictures has long gone – today, drone technology is been used in photography, video production and so many other to aid production and delivery. In fact, the picture quality of an aerial recording at times are much more beautiful than the one manually recorded with camcorder. That’s just little I can talk about drone…and when it comes to spying on others or monitoring your environment, you have a companion in flying drones – because this friend could travel as far to a distanced location to bring you news of what’s happening there while you’re right on your couch.

What else again? I don’t know, but if I should continue with this, I won’t stop as early as possible because it is painful to know that your world is changing when you are incapacitated to effect much change about it. The government aren’t thinking about it either, but I strongly believe that as many as possible that would want to elevate themselves from the challenges that would emanate from these development, article like this should point them towards the right way.

Disruption is everywhere and disruptive technology is a new business model and it is time to get your cut of the pie!

You can read more about disruptive technology on Wikipedia here.

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  1. Disruption is everywhere seriously. It has affected the video and media industry too with drones and cameras for video recording, you have options of capturing moments without having to struggle.

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