Welcome to Month of DECEMBER because it is going to be your #DecemberToRemember throughout your life. Just make sure that you maximize this powerful month to claim some of the great benefits that is in it for you.

In this new month which happens to be the last for the year, you shall experience:

D – DOMINION over principalities and powers sitting in the high places and your
E – EXPECTATIONS/EVALUATION for the remaining part of the year shall not be cut short.
C – CELEBRATION is certain for you because that’s God’s promise for you this December.
E – ELEVATION will be your portion whenever you raise the most high above your needs, wants, problems, obstacles, and challenges. Imagine, who is like unto our God who has all the powers in the world; he seateth and removeth King; He is the creator of all the heavens and the fullness thereof. Worship him, elevate Him, and He (the Lord) shall raise you beyond measure.
M – MIRACLES will be yours because testimonies shall never cease from them who praise and worship our Great God almighty.
B – BLESSINGS comes as a result of strategic praises and worships to the great king. And after you’ve raised an alter of worship to Him, He’ll bless you from His sanctuary. So expect blessings from now on.
E – EVERLASTING peace, joy

Best of December!
Better is the end than the beginning of a matter.
As you enter into the last month of the year, I see Joy, Peace and Upliftment.
May Laughter never depart from your life. Everything you could not achieve from Jan-Nov God will be delivered into your hands this December with ease.

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