Why Dascoin paychecks aren’t everywhere and why you should care!

As much as Dascoin and the wonderful people behind the vision doesn’t like people showing off PayChecks in order not to create too much hype around the Blockchain. I think I might need to one day set a balance between the two — that is to say — I will show some little evidence to some of THOMASes around and at the same time prevent people from having a wrong orientation of what Dascoin and Net leaders is set to help us (we humans) achieve around the world of Blockchain technology.

The ideology behind this is that, the management and board of directors doesn’t want too much fake hype around the Blockchain because it is going to be around for a very long time. Take note of this line.

So, why adding too much hype around something that has power to even outsell itself.

St. Louis sugar has not many sponsored publicity, yet it sells like something else. Why add more SALT when the stew is already garnished with the best of condiments?

Why add more?

Get me correctly, people are (and will still going to be especially when the first smart contract goes live next month) making quite a lot money in Dascoin either by using the service on the Blockchain or by being an advocate of this groundbreaking solution to some of the world’s financial challenges.

But the reason for not posting pictures of paychecks is our own way of abiding by the agreement of not allowing negative energy to set in. **wink**

Make your money, spend it the way you like. It is your choice but do not mislead people by showing off.

But if you want to see evidence, you can have a FYEO (for you eye only) privilege to look into what the future may hold for you by not mission this wonderful flight to the promised land of freedom from government policing and injustice going on in our universe.

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