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It was easier in the old days

Back then you could actually spot the phonies.

The used car salesman was slimy and sleazy.

The pushy insurance salesman was as brazen as a carnival barker.

And you could recognize a counterfeit gold coin by biting down on it, because the gold was softer than any base metal they might have mixed with it.

But these days it’s harder to tell the snake oil from the real deal.

So let’s get a quick lesson on frauds from the counterfeit Saudi Prince.

Investors worldwide called him, “His Royal Highness Khalid bin al-Saud.”

You could tell he was coming when you saw a fleet of Rolls Royces and Ferraris.

And then there was his diamond-draped Chihuahua with the designer-doggie outfits who rides around in a $2,690 Louis Vuitton doggie carrier.

But that’s just a warm up.

The “Prince” was recently involved in negotiations to buy a major stake in the Fontainebleau hotel in Florida… $440 million was his expected contribution.

Plus, “His Royal Highness” was selling early shares for the proposed initial public offering of Aramco, the monster Saudi oil company (it was a 2 trillion dollar IPO until the plan was scrapped by the Saudi government).

OK, so the guy painted a pretty good picture of how a prince should look and act… which made investors come pounding on his door waving fistfuls of cash.

But who was he really?

Well, the person who’s now awaiting trial in a Federal Detention Center in Miami, is actually named Anthony Enrique Gignac.

He was adopted by a Michigan couple when he was 6 years old and has become one of the best con artists of all time.

But now he’s being tried for fraud, identity theft, traveling on a fake passport, and impersonating a foreign official.

Bernie Madoff’s got nothing on him!

And what’s this got to do with you?


Because if you’ve been scammed by internet experts and gurus, you’re not alone.

I have, too.

And working in the industry as “an expert,” I’ve seen what goes on behind-the-scenes with entrepreneurs who I would have thought were really hauling in the big bucks.

Yet so many of them barely have two nickels to rub together.

It’s really a shame.

So how do you know who to trust?

[That’s actually the wrong question, but we’ll ask the right one in a minute.]

To figure out who to trust requires patience and due diligence.

The patience part is about testing teachers, experts, and “gurus” with something inexpensive and small.

Stick a toe in the water and see if they deliver.

You can also tell a lot by the company they keep.

Do they have testimonials and endorsements from reputable folks you recognize and trust?

But the REAL question is about how YOU can build trust with your prospects, customers, and your growing list.

Would you communicate consistently and honestly?

Would you deliver on your promises?

Would you admit and correct mistakes?

Then, turn this around and you’ll discover your own internal criteria for trust.

Then create that same environment for YOUR list.

And most important of all is the safety net you create for your business when your list is solid.

Because there’s nothing phony about a loyal, predictable, and highly-responsive gang of raving fans.

Check the P.S. below to see how to build it.

Daniel Levis

P.S. Straight shooters make the most money.

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