Content is the new CRUDE!

Take it or take it, content runs the world of commerce. Without great content, how are you going to make money?

As a celebrated songster, you need to keep dishing out great content week in week out in order to keep your fans fresh and abreast of your lifestyle. In the banking industry, new content in form of products are introduced to keep the customers never wanting but to stay glued. Even in the house of God, new messages are preached every week because of the freshness that people craves for. 

The truth of the whole epistle is, CONTENT IS THE NEW CRUDE!

Without content, celebrity like TuFace, Dbanj, Drake or anyone else would have gone into extinction. Content kept them alive…I mean, they are relevant today because they newer stop creating new content for the world to consume. 

But my question to you is, why did you stop creating content for your TRIBE?

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