Failure means different things to different people at different times. To some, it is massive setback of life that limits one’s potential to get to the top or attain a status of greatness. To another, failure is just another thing you need to get you fired up for success. To a well motivated person, failure is just what you need to gain more experience about achieving your committed goals and visions in life.

I could continue to name different perspectives of failure; how human beings perceived it and react to it. But this morning, that’s not my focus for this early morning charge.

I want to quickly share with you seven ways to comeback stronger after experiencing failures in life. Irrespective of your background or shortcomings of life, you can bounce back from failure and go from there to attaining greatness with the right guidelines.

Here we go, let’s talk about;

7 come back steps after failure you must take

1. Seek clarity.

Understand what went wrong.
If you’ve once fallen in your journey to greatness and have failed to study why it happened, you are not yet ready to come back after failure.

You need to know why you, fell after all the permutating and calculating, ended up below the expectations. Be calm and try to get clear with everything, that’s when you’ll be able to know the next step.

2. Identify what could be done differently.

Now, you’ve spot the wrinkle and there’s need to take it out of your pores. How do you clean the mess of your past mistakes?

Identify what needed to be done differently from what you’ve been doing.

Alvin Toffler once said “the illiterate of the 21 century aren’t those who cannot read or write, but they are those who cannot LEARN, UNLEARN, and RELEARN” what is new, fresh and better.

It is obvious, the path you followed has failed, but that doesn’t mean the end of the journey. You’ve got to find another path to your destination (attaining your greatness); the one with a different dimension and approach.

3. Commit to doing what is required.

The result is in the ‘doing‘. After all, the media only recognize achievers and doers; they don’t give medals to lazy minds.

After you’re done with analyzing the mistakes made, and you know what needed to be done differently, now it is *time to get to work*.

Commit to follow the different pathway religiously without compromise. Plan to work it out and get to do it judiciously.

4. Invest time and effort.

Yes, you are very busy type, so am I. But take note of this, if you don’t commit your time and effort to following this new path, a glimpse or flashback of the past error is enough to get you off your balance. That’s why you’ve got to commit your time to come back after failure by doing what you set-out to do.

5. Pursue optimal results.

Pursue excellence in all you do. If it ain’t gonna be top quality, why start?

The slogan is; is either we succeed or we succeed. No other option but excellence.

Determine to get optimal result in everything you commit yourself to do in order to achieve your ultimate goals in your new path.

6. Don’t quit, don’t give up.

Many challenges of life will try to shake you; don’t quit. Countless times you would have reasons to doubt yourself and question yourself over and over again; don’t just give in or give up. Your comeback is near.

7. Decide you are NOT a failure (embrace that Peace in you)

If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be very difficult for external forces to believe in whatever you stand for. Note that, your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace. That little peace is believing in yourself who you are and not what the world thinks you are.

Of all the points above, if none has actually caught your attention, let it be this one that will hit the focal point.

Decide and affirm it to yourself that *YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE*. Your belief system matters a lot in this scenario.

If you don’t believe that failure is just another opportunity to try something differently, every time, you will challenge yourself to give up or try another thing. In fact, you wouldn’t have embarked on the six steps to come back after failure above.

I intentionally placed this below here, always remember why you embarked on this new path; to show that you are not a failure.

Then if you are not, just PROVE IT!

I can see opening doors on your path this weekend. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Olawale Daniel


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  1. Thank you, Mr. Daniel, for these guidelines to follow after experiencing failures in life and business. I have had bad experiences in my life but God has been of great help in reviving me. And these your 7 steps are really life-changing guidelines to follow.

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