Charity Causes & Organizations I Support/Recommend

Recommend Charitable Causes by Olawale Daniel

My mission is to reach the reached and unreached world with my gifts, talents and resources – they are all given me for the glorification of God through me – why then should I not give them back?

Here are charity organizations and movements I’m supporting, and you can join me to touch lives and give people reasons for living.

1., Ibadan

I have always like the idea of giving back, but where to give without compromise has been an issue. I co-founded to make it easy for people to be part of community social responsibility drive in positive change in their neighbourhood. CSR is an initiative with drive to disrupt our environments in channeling people’s strengths towards giving back. Donate here.

2. Motherless Babies Home, Ibadan

This is a home of the future prince and princess who have lost their parents at tender age, and they needed care for them to maximize their potentials and unleash the greatness in them. You can give back life to these excellent kids through your visit, support (in form of gifts, prayer etc), donation and more.

3. Help Hope Live

Help Hope Live is a course I admired from a friend of mine, Emily by name, she made me realize there’s more to life than making money and spending it. In her word, giving life a meaning to accidental people who doesn’t have enough to pay for operation and treatments pays heftily. It is beyond what one could ever image. Learn more about Help Hope Live here.

4. Little Saints Orphanage Home

I’m a proud partner of this NGO, I started visiting them last year March on the eve of my birthday celebration. I think they are worth checking out if you so desire to reach out. It is not always about what you give in terms of cash or goods, but the love you share. Little Saints Orphanage is cool. I was privileged to celebrate my birthday with these amazing little kids and have fell in love with the place already. I am supporting them, you can support this NGO too.

I’m working with so many charity organizations including UNICEF, 1GOAL, LIVE ABOVE THE LINE etc, but I will be updating this page as time goes on. Please stay tuned so you could also benefit from giving because there’s greatness embedded into giving – simply because, giving is living!

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