Positive Attitude towards Entrepreneurship in our youths

Why Nigerian Youths Should Embrace Entrepreneurship for Future and not Present Needs

With ASUU strike on the high, personal development and unemployment rates on the low, here lies the fate of a Nigerian youth. ASUU strike, unemployment, and many other challenges which majority of Nigerian Youths are faced with, or clamouring about could ‘all’ be averted/combated if everyone can embrace entrepreneurship. Let’s create #jobs for as many […]

Writers In Charge - Get Paid to Write for Websites and Magazines

Writers In Charge (YoungPrePro) – The Best Writing Blog on the Internet

Writers In Charge, previously known as YoungPrePro, is one of TechAtLast contest sponsors for this year. They engage in creative content creation services. When it comes to the internet, everything that surrounds it is one single word “content”. If you don’t write good contents on your website, chances are that you might lose large percentage […]