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Let’s Talk About Grace!

Yes, Grace! Grace is an enabler of GREATNESS. It softens the ground for your establishment, either in career, business or ministry. All humans are birthed with a special gift for exploits, but not all are graced for global impact. For each promotion, success or growth you encounter in life, there is a consumerate measure of […]

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13 July 2021

We would have been dead by now!

We’d have been dead by now. The hustle is real but we choose the best and seemingly unrealistic-realistic route to stardom, and it is working. If the motivation were to be MONEY, we’d have bought private jets, and exotic cars, invest in gigantic real estate structures, spend anyhow and be dead by now! Every enjoyment […]

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17 December 2020

30 Life, Career, and Relationships Lessons Learnt Before Turning 30 – Tunde Omotoye

The personal experiences gained in life are priceless. That’s why sharing Tunde Omotoye’s life lessons seems like a bargain for the reader of this community. Here are 30 things TundeTASH learnt about life, career, and relationships before he turned 30 years of age and how you could learn from or avoid the similar path. 1. […]

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21 June 2020


Association should mean a lot to you if you want to become successful in your chosen field. “If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else.” Booker T. Washington Whatsoever you want to do, someone, somewhere, sometimes ago has done far better with track records of proofs. All you need is to #FindThePlug and […]

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Covid-19: A Blessing in Disguise?

As much as everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, I want to state clearly that this quote came from my own personal me-time with myself in reflecting on the effects of Covid-19 on everything. So, your own observation might be a bit different from mine. But that shouldn’t prevent you from gaining one or two […]

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19 February 2020

You are not a MISTAKE (Failure)

You are not a MISTAKE. Did I just hear you whispers yessss? Know this…it is a fact. You are not a mistake, or is it failure? …whatever you want to call it. The fact that everything aren’t yet in order as expected doesn’t mean you should berate yourself. You are not a failure…you are just […]

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