2019 recap; advice for 2020

Be free Don’t take life too seriously but don’t joke with it either. It is kinda complicated but let me explain this. To take life too seriously is to start making things difficult for yourself by trying to conform. Be a bit vulnerable so people can have access to you too. Don’t be too rigid […]

Seyi Makinde Asset Declaration, #10Things, and Bitterness

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been away on other projects. So far, the drive to write hasn’t left me in a hurry but just the time it would take to chunk out the piece. Just yesterday, I was reading about Governor Seyi Makinde’s decision to honor his campaign […]

APRIL Is No Fools Day

Every fourth month of the year, one thing that is very common is the term “April fool”. Some certain group of people try to make jokes of others by raising untrue stories, creating imaginary events and circumstances that wouldn’t have taken place. Most of the times, people accept these fake news and rumours as fact […]

BrowserWars or BankWars: Microsoft Edge and Cortana proving a point!

BrowserWar or BankWars - Which is the best?

Tech is crazy! I was aware of #BankWars which trended for weeks across Nigeria of recent before the baby bank apologized to its masters! But #BrowserWars hasn’t gotten much of attention lately. Not because there wasn’t one, but just that, since the early days of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, we have witness less of […]

Obesity: National Security Issue!

OBESITY IS NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE; NPF & NSA SHOULD TAKE NOTE! If you don’t know, now you know that; obesity is a threat to national security. But if you’re thinking I’m wrong, Capt. Heatling would guide you through the process of understanding your responsibility as a citizen and that of a responsible security personne in […]