Covid-19: A Blessing in Disguise?

covid-19, virus, coronavirus

As much as everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, I want to state clearly that this quote came from my own personal me-time with myself in reflecting on the effects of Covid-19 on everything. So, your own observation might be a bit different from mine. But that shouldn’t prevent you from gaining one or two […]

7 Come Back Steps After Failure

Failure means different things to different people at different times. To some, it is massive setback of life that limits one’s potential to get to the top or attain a status of greatness. To another, failure is just another thing you need to get you fired up for success. To a well motivated person, failure […]

The Foolishness of Idle Resources – Olufemi Olumide

It was my first free Saturday in weeks, With over 70 webinar consulting sessions within the past 2 months as well as other outbound training sessions, I decided my Saturday would be for sleep, premiership catch up and laundry. While sorting some clothes I had not worn in a while, I had that incling to […]

Welcome to February – Month of Actualizing Dreams & Witness of Funny Dramas

Welcome to February - The Month of Actualization of Dreams and Dramas - Olawale Daniel

Happy New Month to you! Welcome to February 2019. This February is your month and everything that has failed to work since January, they’ll begin to work for you. This february comes lots of dramas from politicians, don’t be distracted. Lots of love in the air for the Valentinians! Doors of opportunities will open. And […]

Helped Myself Changed My Perspective of Me!

I helped MEself changed my perspective of Me! I strongly believe you could do the same. Stop doubting yourself, you can actually step up tall and do greater things. Irrespective your circumstances, you can bounce back and reclaim what is yours. Help yourself change your own perception of You. You are rare, you can do […]

My Thoughts on Adeniji Lois’s Spur Nation Magazine!

Adeniji Lois Oluwaseun SPUR NATION MAGAZINE review by Olawale Daniel

A month ago, I was invited to an award ceremony at MVB lounge, one of the household name in the lounge and bar business in the city of Ibadan. The event went well, there I was flattered with an award which I don’t really think was meant for me. lol But in the lieu of […]