My Thoughts on Adeniji Lois’s Spur Nation Magazine!

Adeniji Lois Oluwaseun SPUR NATION MAGAZINE review by Olawale Daniel

A month ago, I was invited to an award ceremony at MVB lounge, one of the household name in the lounge and bar business in the city of Ibadan. The event went well, there I was flattered with an award which I don’t really think was meant for me. lol But in the lieu of […]

“The Power of Lazy” – How Laziness Can Be a Blessing in Disguise!

The power of Lazy! An interesting perspective of Ben Sobola on milking from Laziness. Laziness doses not equate dirtiness actually, it does equate creativity and cleanliness. The future of work will be to employ more lazy people than hard working people. Surprised? It’s a mystery actually because a lazy person naturally hates working so he […]

For The YOUniverse By Tope Fabusola

Do you know Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander? Wizard Of The First Order A plague swept through a village, leaving many people dead in its wake. Zed decided to suspend his main goal, and use his magic to heal the people. This is how it worked. He would touch one villager at a time, “soaking up” the […]

3 Residual Income Lifestyle Laws: Obey or Decay, the Choice Is Yours

Residual Income Lifestyle Laws

Is residual income lifestyle achievable for everybody? I was asked this tricky question a while ago during my trip across the country. As I was trying to ruminate over it, I discovered a post by a friend of mine which further inspired my curiosity on the subject. I’m going to detailed three guidelines for enjoying […]

Seeds and Fruits – Start the Change You Seek with Yourself

Seeds and Fruits by Tope Fabusola on Olawale Daniel blog

Someone sent me a message yesterday. “Any article for our great Nation Nigeria?” My answer? “I focus on the people.” You see, every nation is a reflection of her people. Good people, great nation. Bad people, oh well… Seeds and fruits. If fruits are the goals, seeds are the actions needed to achieve those goals. […]