The Foolishness of Idle Resources – Olufemi Olumide

It was my first free Saturday in weeks, With over 70 webinar consulting sessions within the past 2 months as well as other outbound training sessions, I decided my Saturday would be for sleep, premiership catch up and laundry. While sorting some clothes I had not worn in a while, I had that incling to […]

Winning Word – Overcoming The Seed Destroyers

Today we are going to be talking about overcoming seed destroyers. In 2 Chronicles 22:10, when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal of the house of Judah. The enemy target your seed to stop your potential harvest. When Athaliah saw that she […]

Seeds and Fruits – Start the Change You Seek with Yourself

Seeds and Fruits by Tope Fabusola on Olawale Daniel blog

Someone sent me a message yesterday. “Any article for our great Nation Nigeria?” My answer? “I focus on the people.” You see, every nation is a reflection of her people. Good people, great nation. Bad people, oh well… Seeds and fruits. If fruits are the goals, seeds are the actions needed to achieve those goals. […]

LET GO: The Art of Letting Go for God To Rule and Reign In Your Life

In my early morning rising update today, I have something to quickly share with you. I was just browsing through my facebook wall, I stumbled upon something that caught my attention and I cannot just learn from it alone without sharing with the people I care most about. My writeup is focused on teaching you how to let […]

I’m Grateful & My Gratitude Reports for 2014!

Thank you for your birthday wishes on my day - Olawale Daniel

Gratitude ought to be an everyday attitude of the living. There’s no other time to be thankful and grateful for the gift of life and grace to still be on this great planet earth! I’m overjoyed when I recount some of the great and amazing achievements God has sent my way over the cause of […]

Halcyon days – would you have any?

This post is straightly focused on my topic Halcyon days! Please don’t expect much ramblings, but straight-forward and touching message which would later launch you into your prosperity and posterity, all at the same time, if you could just take note of wordings used in this message. What can others say about you in 5, […]