You are not a MISTAKE (Failure)

You are not a MISTAKE. Did I just hear you whispers yessss? Know this…it is a fact. You are not a mistake, or is it failure? …whatever you want to call it. The fact that everything aren’t yet in order as expected doesn’t mean you should berate yourself. You are not a failure…you are just […]

The Foolishness of Idle Resources – Olufemi Olumide

It was my first free Saturday in weeks, With over 70 webinar consulting sessions within the past 2 months as well as other outbound training sessions, I decided my Saturday would be for sleep, premiership catch up and laundry. While sorting some clothes I had not worn in a while, I had that incling to […]

Helped Myself Changed My Perspective of Me!

I helped MEself changed my perspective of Me! I strongly believe you could do the same. Stop doubting yourself, you can actually step up tall and do greater things. Irrespective your circumstances, you can bounce back and reclaim what is yours. Help yourself change your own perception of You. You are rare, you can do […]

Winning Word – Overcoming The Seed Destroyers

Today we are going to be talking about overcoming seed destroyers. In 2 Chronicles 22:10, when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal of the house of Judah. The enemy target your seed to stop your potential harvest. When Athaliah saw that she […]

Being Jobless for a Purpose: Evolve With Time, Long-term, Think SYSTEM

Being Jobless for a Purpose: Evolving With Time, Thinking SYSTEM and Long-Term. 

Happy new week. Do you have enough money? This is my candid advice for you as you start your activities for the new week. Be conscious of the fact that our world is changing everyday (it is evolving at an extremely high rate). Technology is reducing manpower every minute, I wrote about this awhile ago. […]

Payments And Pains By Tope Fabusola

Everything has a price. Everything. This is an undeniable truth. Nothing is ever really free. One way or another, everything was fully paid for. And that brings us here… What are your dues, and how are you paying? You see, everyone pays. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. The privilege […]