One Way, Many Wills By Tope Fabusola

ONE WAY, MANY WILLS - BurnUporBurnOut Series - Olawale Daniel website

Hands up if you still look both ways before crossing a one-way route! Don’t be shy now! Legion is our name, because we are many. Whenever I cross a one-way route, I still look both ways. I don’t care if the vehicle was supposed to come from just one side. Thanks, but no thanks. While […]

Payments And Pains By Tope Fabusola

Everything has a price. Everything. This is an undeniable truth. Nothing is ever really free. One way or another, everything was fully paid for. And that brings us here… What are your dues, and how are you paying? You see, everyone pays. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. The privilege […]

“The Power of Lazy” – How Laziness Can Be a Blessing in Disguise!

The power of Lazy! An interesting perspective of Ben Sobola on milking from Laziness. Laziness doses not equate dirtiness actually, it does equate creativity and cleanliness. The future of work will be to employ more lazy people than hard working people. Surprised? It’s a mystery actually because a lazy person naturally hates working so he […]

Uncle Thomas Syndrome: Celebrate all the Thomas in Your Life

Celebrate all The UNCLE THOMASes In Your Life

Thanks to all the Uncle Thomas’s on my way up here. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to chase (or better put, pursue) my dreams or get up to this level. Yeah, they deserve some accolades! A really big one for that matter. Hear this, if you don’t have uncle Thomas in your life, […]

For The YOUniverse By Tope Fabusola

Do you know Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander? Wizard Of The First Order A plague swept through a village, leaving many people dead in its wake. Zed decided to suspend his main goal, and use his magic to heal the people. This is how it worked. He would touch one villager at a time, “soaking up” the […]

Obesity: National Security Issue!

OBESITY IS NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE; NPF & NSA SHOULD TAKE NOTE! If you don’t know, now you know that; obesity is a threat to national security. But if you’re thinking I’m wrong, Capt. Heatling would guide you through the process of understanding your responsibility as a citizen and that of a responsible security personne in […]