Prove yourself to yourself, not others. Type YES if you agree! ?‍?

Everything you want in life is at the end other side of fear of feeling you need something big to get started, but that’s a lie.

All you need to get yourself out there is to #StartFromYourCorner just like what our guest speaker, @JuliusOsimen said yesterday at #Unleash Leader’s Quarters business retreat in Lagos. If you’d like to watch the video, drop a comment. I will share the link when it is uploaded on YouTube by the #LQ media team or my own YouTube.

Jeff started from his corner, today he’s out there disrupting the world of eCommerce with Amazon and many other great inventions.

We can all focus on our chapter of life instead of complaining about, and comparing ourselves with, other people who are enjoying their own chapter of life.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was a steady act of putting every little piece of tiny blocks, one after the other while making sure the error and challenges of the way didn’t get them discouraged, but instead, they became fuel that later geared them towards what we now see and marvel at today as ROME.

Let’s begin 2020 with a decision to finish stronger than our past year.

It is going to be strictly #OneCorner approach to the top for me. I pray you can as well do that.


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