Last night witnessed a strange act in the history of world football as the Germans shocked the Brazilian team with a whooping 7-1 defeat.

We all laughed about this unprecedented defeat, but as I thought about it, there are lessons to be learnt. Here are few:

3 amazing lessons from the match for your life, business and relationship


1. The Indispensable One

There is no gainsaying the fact that the absence of the Brazilian Striker, Neymar contributed hugely to their gross loss. This dude had become their god to the extent that the spectators chant his name whenever he’s on the field.

If you are one of those who trust in man SO MUCH for help, there may be a time they won’t be able to help you. Not because they don’t want to, but probably because it was beyond their reach.

If you are an Entrepreneur, NEVER build your business around 1 staff, no matter how good or dedicated he/she is. His or her exit may mark the beginning of the end of your business.

2. Success is sweet!

I was dazed when I saw Manuel’s countenance (the German Keeper) after he conceded a goal even though they’d scored 7!

He was angry. He’d wanted to keep a clean record! He’s FIFA’s #1 Goalkeeper in the tournament.

You must never be satisfied with the status quo. No matter what you’ve achieved, always thirst for more.

3. Thankful Attitude

More surprising to me was when I saw David Luiz (who captained the Brazilian team) went on his knees giving thanks to God immediately the final whistle was blown. I’ve never seen such before!

No matter what loss you have suffered or suffering, never cease to thank God. The Bible admonishes us to “give thanks always”. Luiz was an inspiration to me last night.

Digest these lessons. It’s a good day!

– I care!

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