The Wright brothers invented the Airplane by solving an unsolvable equation of the time. Today, over 500,000 people are traveling through the air at any point in time around the world as a result of their breakthrough solution.

Blochchain technology has proven to be the next big thing that’s going to shake the world once again.

Despite his unattractive beginning, the blockchain may be the airplane of our time.

But, time will tell if we will only, at least, try to read up one or two thing about it to stay abreast of the revolution.


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  1. Thanks! The blockchain is getting more and more popular but there’re lots of people who still don’t realize what the whole fuss is about. Luckily, one can always refer to several online blockchain tutorials online and get a good grip on it.

  2. Hi,
    I also agree with this, Blockchain is now going to become a one of the big technology of the world but do you know that now this technology is in hackers target.

    Blockchain startups lost USD 760 Million Dollars in ICO Hacks in 2017 alone. Majority of the hacks happen due to Phishing attacks and Lack of security around the token sale websites. We can help you launch your ICO securely and help you further build secure platforms. Many CEOs think that blockchain is secure and it is unhackable. Blockchain is definitely secure but what about your Wallet and Products built on top of it?

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