What can you say of Bitcoin price which has suddenly taken a nose dive and reverse angle towards the south?

It is a bad thing, isn’t it?

Naah, I think you are wrong and I will prove it to you.

Imagine seven months ago when Bitcoin was still way below $4000, what did people had to say about it?

When JP Morgan Chase announced its intentions through one of their representative that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t legitimate form of asset acquisition. Didn’t people ran away?

You knew they did. Some even sold their assets at loss just not to fall victim of the price manipulation because of the fear of the power that be (government) cracking down on it.

Did you follow up to that moment? I know you did.

But what happened aftermath? That’s history till date because these same people went to buy off these assets they forcefully and cunningly, but legally (in their own words) took away from you.

Now, are you seeing what I’m seeing? What later happened to the price of the these Crypto assets… didn’t they trippled and quadrupled in value?

They did right?

That’s to tell you how powerful government and large corporation can influence your mind with the use of one most important and powerful and wrongfully used instruments of the mind – well known as the media.

I know you might be having a sense guilt now that I’m exposing the truth behind your reasoning and how you were programmed to think falling and rising of Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin is a bad thing.

Now let’s go a little bit further…do you remember a particular project called TBC?

If you are based in Nigeria I’m sure you do – you don’t even need to confirm that to me. If you don’t, someone or somebody in your neighborhood do know about it. You can consult them for clarification.

Where am I going with TBC?

TBC was said to be a Cryptocurrency project by the so called and selfacclaimed cryptocurrency expert-hustlers out there. They have a million things to tell you about its increasing value but there could never be a reason why it is never going down.

It was part of the agreement that it will never go down in price. But wait a bit, at who’s detriment? You and I who bought into the idea without the clear understanding of what the founder himself have in mind.

Any form of investment must surely have the ups and the downs. When one is missing, then something is really missing.

When the Cryptocurrency market capitalization index bleeds, that shows some level of maturity; not a bad thing. But when nothing on the side is happening but just the positive, watch out. Somebody might be cooking up something that is well packaged and well hyped to fail. It is like a time bomb that has been programmed to explode at a set time; it will surely explode but nobody can say which time.

3 Responses

  1. Cryptocurrencies are high risk and many will fail indeed through it, but many others will also rise through it. Making sure that you won’t end up financially devastated is crucial.

  2. I am still scared of investing in crypto though because it is not physical money. I need tutoring on cryptocurrency for sure.

    1. Absolutely, you need to create some space for yourself to learn about the concept of cryptocurrency from blockchain technology perspectives. Not those ponzy investment scheme perspective.

      When you look at different ways blockchain is disrupting industries, including real estate, finance, construction and agriculture, you will be much more interested in it.


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