It is very obvious that Bitcoin is pushing for the $100,000 mark pretty earlier than it was previously predicted by experts. But my question is, at who’s detriment?
You and I!
Great, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of profiting from what is working right now…while only few people are aware of the modalities and formalities of this opportunity.
Bitcoin is very slow lately…in fact, it is congested with you and I trying to have our own cut of the pie.
The more we strife towards having a cut, negotiating for the best price (buying the rumour when it is low and trading the news when it is high), we further not help the bitcoin network.
This technology wasn’t created to be exposed to this huge volume that it is presently experiencing…and any decision towards correcting this would result into another bitcoin fork (splitting into tow), hence we have Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold and maybe January, Bitcoin Diamond will come into the foray of coin market.
You’d be wondering where I am driving at…
My point today is, Bitcoin has really touched the heaven when you look at its progression so far, but that is after about 5-7 years of its inception.
But do you think bitcoin transaction would be affordable in the years or months to come for an average man? Absolutely Not! The more bitcoin grow, the more the fee goes high and yet the speed of transaction confirmation is nothing to write home about.
In fact, I am beginning to feel Bitcoin is not created to serve the minority on the long run but the majority who has it in abundance.
But one particular cryptocurrency is coming that is set to change the face of crypto transaction with approximately 6 SECONDS TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION without any excuse.
Presently, it is free to get, but only few people are expected to have it in hand before it goes KABOOOM!
Message me to have a link to get your own free coins.

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