The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.
Now you may be wondering how this could be possible. It is going to take place but I wouldn’t want you to #WaitForIt, but instead, I would pray you PLAN AHEAD for it simply by #AutomatingYourHustle before the hustle gets really hard.
Automate Your Hustle Before The Hustle Gets Really Hard
GTBank, one of the commercial banks in Nigeria, has so far shown to us they are trying to explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and that is why they’ve invested in ATM machines that can take in money right in front of your eyes.
Gone are the days when you would have to queue up in front of disgrunted and unhappy bank staff – and you’d be like “why are you shouting at me or frowning”. Today, machines would gladly count your money without emotion. 🙂
Not only GTBank, Access bank has also implemented a chat bot called Tamara to automate the process of transacting and interacting with your bank right from your web browser. It does virtually everything a human customer care would help you do. In fact, all this could be achieved at a blink of an eye unlike when you’d have to hang-on onto the dial while they (real human support) try to troubleshoot the problem. You say what you want, and the AI provides the solution without any delay.
Oh, you hate robots?
My brother, I am sorry for you because this is not just the case of physical robots now – it has gone beyond that already. If you hate this innovative solution, I personally would think you are trying to fight a war that you have lost even before you think of starting it.
Would you now wait till when these so called robots take your job from you before you act? Why not learn how to send these robots on errand for your business, career and life? Why not leverage them to your advantage?
That is the question I am finding very difficult to get an answer for.
Don’t think too MUCH, just start somewhere and grow from there because the battle is not for the swift but the smart one who would take one step after the other consistently.
Watch out for my next week’s article on how to automate your hustle using available tools around you. It is going to be life changing and informative as usual. 

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