Welcome to the month of August guys!

I pray this Month by much better than June and July for you!

God will bless everything you touch this new month.

May God’s favour rest on you this month of August.

May you get that contract you’ve always been applying for this month.

If you have been requesting for favour from authorities higher than yourself without positive response, doors of acceptance will open for you this August. May Doors of Blessings open for you this month.

What does August stands for?

The word “AUGUST” stands for something special, and I pray the meaning below would mean a lot to you this month. In this month, you will have;

A – Auspicious Acceleration
U – Unlimited Provision
G – Guaranteed Success
U – Unshaken Faith to follow your dream and achieve greatness
S – Satisfactory Promotion after you’ve pursued your dream with no respect for failure.
T – Triumphant Blessings will be yours in this new month and beyond in Jesus name.

Happy New Month ? of August to you all.

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