Association should mean a lot to you if you want to become successful in your chosen field.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else.”

Booker T. Washington

Whatsoever you want to do, someone, somewhere, sometimes ago has done far better with track records of proofs.

All you need is to #FindThePlug and #PlugIn.

Your success in life is at the other side of connecting the dots of proper association.

Mind you, wrong association could be fatal to your ambition.

That’s why Heritage Bank was rumored to have suspended Dbanj as their Ambassador. It is part of business and brand image management practices to associate with people of similar interests and influence, and at every point in time during the association, there’s need to check ☑ if they are still on the same page.

You must always re-evaluate your association.

How To Manage and Improve Your Association

I will give you six pointers to improve your association with people:

1. Be You!

You don’t have to fake it. Be who you are and accept the other as they are.

2. Identify Collective Goals and Values

You must understand the “Why”, “What”, “When”, and the “Where” in your association so that you can always crosscheck when you are far away from the objectives.

3. Know Your Limits and Be True With It

Be vulnerable! For an association or call it relationships, to work out, you have to be willing to share with that your mentor or leader. Share your shortcomings and aspirations in order to tap from their collective experiences of many years in the game. Someone who does not know you wouldn’t really have an idea 💡 of how to be of help.

4. Mind the Small Bridge Ahead

The fact that you have access to Him/Her doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mind your lane. Remember, relationships has to be mutually beneficial – and for this reason, you can’t always have your way. You have to respect the timing, and every opportunity you can harness just to be around your mentor. You don’t want to be super inquisitive but instead, be relational and helpful in solving the problem at hand.

You learn along the way!

5. Expect Less Drama, But Do More of Acting

Nigeria was said to be a dramatic country across the world because we are filled with funny and dramatic content, but that shouldn’t make you a comedian.

Just because someone grants you an audience doesn’t mean you should be raising your expectations of them every time. Instead, increase your level of realism.

Always go into an association with an open and crystal clear mind with realistic expectations. Don’t, for once, assume anything. But, give room for realistically expectations!

If you have preconceived expectations of people, you are already digging the ground for your disappointment and failure in getting what you so much want.

6. Increase Your Offerings

Find a way to meet the needs of your supposed mentor/association in order to get more of their attention. The more you meet more needs of the person, the better you get more of what you wanted back.

Remember what I said earlier on, relationship or associating yourself with people should be mutually beneficial.

7. Re-evaluate Yourself

The buck stops here at your table. If it works out after all, it is all about how you handle it. If it doesn’t work out, you can still trace it back to where you probably might have got it wrong. But that doesn’t mean you have to be dumb for you to be properly mentored by someone you look up to.


That’s wrong assumption you have to get out of your way.

You don’t have to become a slave to have the best of anybody.

Just be HUMAN!

Going into 2021, recalibrate your mindset about how you associate with the others around you.

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