Every fourth month of the year, one thing that is very common is the term “April fool”. Some certain group of people try to make jokes of others by raising untrue stories, creating imaginary events and circumstances that wouldn’t have taken place. Most of the times, people accept these fake news and rumours as fact until they later discovered that they’ve been made.

For that reason, many of us (conservatives) don’t believe in anything people say to us on the first or second or third of the month of April because we are critically suspecting signs of April fool’s joke in the making.

But should all April celebration marred with glorification of an act of fooling others?

Absolutely not.

Hence, this year’s April celebration is tagged #NoFoolsDay. We believe in an April celebration that is filled with good news and not fake unadulterated news.

Some call it APRIL FOOL but for us it shall be:

APRIL full of blessings.
APRIL full of good health.
APRIL full of favour.
APRIL full of mercy.
APRIL full of fruitfulness.
APRIL full of joy.
APRIL full of greatness.
APRIL full of abundance.
APRIL full of God’s goodness.
APRIL full of honor.
APRIL full of progress.
APRIL full of gainful and productive ideas.
APRIL full of God’s purpose for your life.
APRIL full of promotion.
APRIL full of God’s help.
APRIL full of fame.
APRIL full of financial breakthrough.
APRIL full of all goodies of life
APRIL full of a closer walk with God

Welcome to your month of FULLNESS?

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