I don’t actually see movie like everyone I know around, but I do love to go all out attack on any action packed Sci-Fi thriller, along with some crime and investigative movie. They teaches me two things;

1. New and ground breaking ideas for my niched profession.

2. Psychological effect of reasoning in life and business matters.

I have seen many movies ranging from Captain America, Merlin, Flash, Intelligence, Agents of SHIELDS, Person of Interest to name but few series while I have been able to see GOLD (strictly on starting up your own large scale business from small scale mode), American Made, Valerian, and host of others.

I have learnt quite a lot from all of them but to add to my list of inspirational materials. Catch Me If You Can is the next on the block for me. While I’d not condone the graphical expression in the movie, there are lots, and in fact, a whole lot of ideas in it. One main take home from it for me is staying one step ahead of the rest. Irrespective of how life has treated, or what would’ve happened to you in life, the quickest solution is not to give up on your bigger WHY! You just need to stay close to yourself and on top of your game because with time, it will pay off.

Big thanks to my friend and business partner, Saka Olatunji Yusuff for recommending this powerful movie. If not for Him, I’d not have learnt about some of the new ideas and gem hidden in that two and half hour long action packed movie.

The storyline and the character was beyond my expectations…Frank William Abagnale Jr invincibility is top notch.

No matter how smart you are as a check fraud investigator, hundreds of you alone cannot match Frank William Abagnale Jr well planned heist. He is always one step ahead of the pack. He reads his way into the top of every profession he found his hands on. He is an American security consultant known for his history as a former confidence trickster, check forger, and impostor between the ages of 15 and 21.

The film is a true life story actually. It teaches self development and self believe. Always try to be one step ahead of the rest by reading your way into greatness and abundance.

Remember, you can never beat someone who never gives up on his dreams.

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