First African Blockchain Conference is set to shake the whole continent of Africa…

Olawale Daniel is attending the first African Blockchain Conference in IBADAN.
Myself, Olawale Daniel, and the entire DCM team and TechAtLast International team will be attending the first African Blockchain Conference holding in Ibadan on Thursday 9th, November, 2017.

Good morning,

Olawale Daniel here again.

Happy new day. I’d like to share a very important news about an upcoming blockchain technology conference coming up in 7 states of the Federation namely; Uyo, Calabar, Abuja, Awka, Ibadan, Lagos and Port Harcourt, and some other African countries such as Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa with you.

I believe you’d be blessed by attending or inviting someone else to participate.

Why Should I Attend?

In 2011, I rejected an offer to be paid for a service I rendered online in bitcoin instead of PayPal because I do not, and quote me, didn’t want to know anything about it then.

Fast forward to 2017, that same bitcoin that was less than a dollar jumped up at a rocket speed to $7700 (all time high record) this past few days in November. And experts are saying it is not going to stop anytime soon, it will still hit hundreds of thousands and more.

Imagine a #5000 naira seed sown into blockchain in 2012 would have given you about 5 million naira today by my rough calculations.

And the amount I was to receive then would have given me over 100 bitcoins and multiply that by $7700 and convert to naira at current exchange rate of 360. That’d give us a whooping #277,970,000.

*While looking back at the mistake I made by rejecting outright, what later on ended up to become a goldmine, without a curios mind to know how it works. I’d not want those I care about, and for, to make such mistakes again in this Era.

I may not have enough cash available at hand to give you, but, I do have valuable and timely information that could change your life for good this late minute of this year. Hence, I’m inviting you exclusively to participate in any of these blockchain technology conference at any of the locations close to you.

After taking part, you’ll obviously do two things;
1. Thank me for showing you the way to match up your financial freedom this year and beyond.


2. You abuse me for wasting your precious time…and I know that won’t certainly be the case.

However, if you could make it to any of these locations, remember to tell them OLAWALE DANIEL (aka DR. RESIDUAL) gave you the pass to attend.

Meanwhile, you can as well ring my hotline for your seat to be reserved via 08166196130, 08103435367. 

Or email me at residualinflow [at] for more information.

I believe in you and I cannot afford not to tell you about this because if you later on know about this precious information, you’ll hate me for keeping you off the radar of such valuable and life changing opportunity.

See you at the top.
– Olawale Daniel
(Dr. Residual)

You can view or download the blockchain conference  graphics below for reference to attend any of the locations.

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