News and media firms will not display beautiful and well-terraced scenes and landscape of Africa cities on their TV programmes for just one bad reason, they are agent of confusion! You are advised to STOP listening to them, if you crave personal development. Listening to bad news on regular basis build a form of fence around your belief system towards the subject – and it will eventually lead to loss of valuable opportunities that may later arise from that source in the future.

The Africa you don’t see on TV

This is Africa, TANZANIA OCEAN where SERENITY is well enjoyed

Dealing with false reports about Africa

The world is so moved by false reports about the continent called, Africa!, to the extent that, I’ve been asked, on several occasions, if Africa is just a common village as it was narrated/written by some of their forgotten western orators of the past – they are agent of confusion, and you’re implore to avoid them like a plague!

“Africa is not a village or a jungle – nobody eats human being in Africa. Those are folk tales, and it is meant to scare children in the past.”

Little do the World know that Africa has in His majestic power ability to challenge the World Powers holders – do your research and understand, Africa is one of the largest economies and powers in this world with enough gold to cripple the global economy. And remember;

“Where there’s gold there is wealth, where there is wealth there is a population.”

Africa is not all “jungle” and “tribal” .

All natural and mineral resources are sourced from this part of the world….ask Asian based companies; particularly China!

They’ll tell you they cannot do without Africa mineral resources; Iron Ore, leads, coal, gold etc. I’ll be posting one powerful resource article on this in coming weeks via TechAtLast. You can subscribe to the site for update on that.

Have you been to South Africa, West Africa, North Africa, or East Africa in the past?

Which way forward Africans?

Much have been said in the past and in order not to join the group of ramblers about Africa, I will dispense this advice to my fellows:

Dear fellow Africans, respect your our God-given land and the world will appreciate you, stop craving greener pastures that doesn’t exist anywhere else than African soil.

Appreciate what you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at how richly blessed your continent is.

God bless Africa! God bless Nigeria.

Have a blessed week. I love you all.

– OD

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for writing about this….I have a brother abroad and he will always tells you that each time a documentary is about Africa, what these westerners will shows is the jungle, the wild animals and weird thing like that.

    They never report the beautiful places in Africa, what they have made their people to believe is that Africa is a jungle land and people here are like cannibals.

    Thanks for sharing, keep writing bro.

    1. Yes Shamsudeen!

      You’re absolutely right. My cousin who stays in Romford, in the United Kingdom, also says the same thing. It has got to a stage where people hardly believe Africa does exists. But what troubles me most is that majority of these people are in Africa establishing businesses and making money through us. Why can’t they just be human and appreciate the gift we had, and shared with them wholeheartedly?

      Thanks brother for your time here. I’m honored to see you around. 🙂

    1. You’re free to share it Jamiu.

      By sharing you are also helping countless numbers of people out there to see the beauties that Africa has…meanwhile, Akwa Ibom International stadium was commissioned days ago in Nigeria. If such structures could be built in an African state, not even talking about a whole African giant country, then the best is yet to come for Africa continent and foreigners should start looking at Africa from different and negative perspective.

      Thanks Jamiu for your time here. 🙂

  2. Good tale Olawale. I hate to admit this but I know very little about Africa overall, and you’re right in talking about how the media portrays the continent. Thing is, over here we hear about the bad things that happen in places like Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia and a few other countries and most people think that’s the entirety of Africa.

    At least I know better than that but I had never considered that there would be beautiful oceanfront vistas like the one you shared above. We hear so many bad things about Nigeria, and we know those things are true, but we almost never hear about anything good there.

    The one thing I think needs to be stressed to most people is that Africa isn’t a monolith, that it’s a huge continent with diverse peoples and countries and, I expect, the majority is pretty safe and pretty and nice. I have to say it that way because, truthfully, I don’t really know. Isn’t that a shame?

    BTW, looks like your CommentLuv doesn’t work…

    1. Hey Mitch,

      Nice seeing you around. The problem we have on ground is more than just telling African stories the westerner-world style – that’s saying it in form of a fiction – Africa is more than that. The continent exists with great and highly influential people of the world. That’s where the Black race started and US can testify to this today because if not, there wouldn’t have been a Black President of the United States of America from a country in Africa called, Kenya!

      Let’s talk of Dangote, the first and the only richest black man in history, he’s an African too. What of Yinka Ajisebutu, Abib Olamitoye, Irene Charnley (the founder of Smile Communications, and former MTN head) and host of others like that, they are Africans and have for once impacted their wealth knowledge into the development of the continent. That’s why people outside Africa can see them as successful people, and the truth is, they became billionaires by changing the landscape of the continent.

      So, the world at large should see Africa as the bread-winner of the world that it is.

      Thanks Mitch for noting…I will get it fixed.

  3. Thank you for the information about Africa. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t inform the public about the nice parts of different countries and continents often enough because only the bad stuff seems to be news-worthy.

    1. Yes Derron. It is so disheartening whenever I see bad news about Africa. Majority of these people are those who have never, for once, step their foot on the continent; yet the claim to have exclusive report to write about the continent. This is the right time we let the world know the richness of Africa.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post. However, I’d like to have the code for display date as you posted on your website…when I applied the code, it doesn’t seem to be functioning. Namastey! 🙂

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