We are living in a universe of abundance that recognises no lack nor shortages.

Have you ever noticed something when you fly in an airplane?

The large expanse of land and the lavish spread of resources is so stunning you immediately see how impossible it is to exhaust them even with 10 times the number of people on earth.

There are animals in the sea and forest which species haven’t yet been discovered. There are far too much natural resources that remain hidden under the earth.

The creator keeps replenishing the stock of
resources in constant use so the world doesn’t run out of things.

When resources seem to run out, we find new resources to achieve same or better purpose.

Our problem started when we decided to cluster ourselves in some compacted space and shut our imagination to the abundance without. This compression runs our lives in a damaging way. We get boxed and that becomes our reality!

Give yourself some space. Experience fresh air!

With this limiting configuration and design, we see the world through the eyes of lack and shortages. We exarcebate this condition with selfishness. We were brought up with self limiting thoughts and the sense of scarcity as we constantly listened to our parents and our neighbors confess lack.

What thoughts have damaged in our lives, can also be undone through conscious development of empowering thought pattern.

There are more than enough from a more than enough God who created the universe of abundance such that you’re incapable of exhausting both your internal and external resources.

Your brain represents the greatest abundance ever with six thousand miles of wiring and cabling, according to research. There’s more than enough ideas, creativity, potential and brain power. It’s said that an average person uses less than 10% of his brain power in his entire lifetime making it grossly under-utilized.

Your responsibility is to train your mind to coordinate all the rich internal and external resources that the creator has made available. With our coordinated and creative thinking, we can develop new inventions, utilize our intangible resources and advance in technology.

Our generation is in dire need of people with creative capabilities. Value creation is one indispensable attribute of a society of abundance. If you want abundance in your life, not only should you think creative thoughts but take the next step to be a solution provider. Give a gift to the universe, help the process of life by solving a problem. Then find a way to solve that problem on a large scale and massive way. Value will come back to you and you will experience abundance.

Start today to think and embrace abundance, and it will show up in your life. Do away with self limiting thoughts. Walk away from negative, toxic people who have been cursed with possibility blindness. Gravitate towards people who are possibility thinkers. Remember, you’re the average of 5 people you spend your most time with. You take on their attributes, thought pattern and idiocyncracies unconsciously.

Always remind yourself that you are living in a universe of abundance positioned to support you. Let your thinking correspond with it otherwise it will work against you.

We’re living in a universe of abundance. Make this your reality.

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  1. The three key points here are really crucial. Thumbs up to the writer and overall no matter the circumstances, you have to see abundance everywhere.

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