Olawale Daniel…who is he?

Olawale Daniel Tayo is the principal consultant and lead trainer with Olda Consult, a firm that specializes in molding people’s minds and equipping them towards the exploration of their inner wealth that has been dormant for long.

He has several years of experience in training, consulting and delivering key-note presentations to different audiences all across Africa and the rest of the world. His focal areas are youth empowerment, business leadership, sales strategy development, customer management, product positioning in the marketplace, and charity. He’s a crusader of self-discovery and personal coach in the area of maximizing ones potential. He has had the privilege of serving as the CEO & Founder as well as an in-house Dev. project team lead at TechAtLast, a seminar leader and customer management consultant to several organizations with excellent feedbacks and results.

A business psychologist-cum-journalist by the nature of his passion in business, science and technology advancements. With years of experience as a startup business professional, Wale now consults for larger corporation and upcoming startup businesses on the new economy that pays people to do what they love most.

In his interest to make starting your own online business as easy as an horse-ride, he founded BSWOD Hub, a platform where upcoming entrepreneurs and existing ones can come together to rub minds in creating solution to the world’ challenges (coming soon). If you are particularly interested in browsing Olawale Daniel’s ongoing projects, click here.

He’s written and authored several books and contents in their thousands. His upcoming work is titled “SUCCESS AHEAD – Don’t Quit” and it consist inspirationally-curated masterpiece of materials and ideas from several top business leaders and motivators across the world. It has been scheduled for release by Q4 of the year – you’ll soon see it on the shelf.

He’s religiously followed on social media because he shares helpful and insightful words of advice for the youths of the “new economy” – the knowledge economy that we are currently witnessing. You can be part of this thread via his official Facebook page. And for those interested in connecting via Twitter, you can follow him on Twitter for updates.

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