Good morning Champions!
Just a quick question for moms, dads and those on awaiting list you abandon your 18 month-old girl simply because she fails to WALK?

A New Born Child Is A Birth Of A Brand

Expecting your business to take off right away is like expecting your 18 month old baby to head off to university tomorrow. Can you give birth to adults? The answer is NO!
I believe one of the keys to success is treating your business like a baby. Just like an infant, your business needs constant attention at the beginning if you want it to be healthy and grow. “It needs constant feeding, changing of clothes and pampers”

As the baby gets older and you become more experienced as a parent and entrepreneur, your business like your child, will begin to sustain it-self. You can then take a step back, while still keeping a close watch. Every parent knows children don’t stay small forever, and eventually your business will reach its “teenage years,”

Growing a business is like parenting a child.  As an entrepreneur, you should think of your business as a child.  You need to love what you are doing above all else. If you love it no matter what happens, you will get through it. Don’t abandon your 18 month girl simply because she fails to walk.

You have greatness within you, let it shine. I’m committed to your success always.

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