It is for one good reason to flock with the right people; so you could live a good and positive life. You are influenced by those you move with. As a matter of fact, you are a by-product of five of your best friends (people you spent more time with).

Talking about those I spent my time with on an every day basis, they’d be those amazing consistent WhatsApp status updater on my list.

The Stephan, the Toyin Tolase, the Akpan Idy, the Kolade Moore and host of others. They are too many to put a name on.

I woke up every morning to reading motivational quotes and inspiring thoughts from these spectacular people.

This morning, I was inspired to start a 31 days gratitude attitude journey. My November had been a long month with lots of crazy and unimaginable stuffs going on on my mind. But awakening to the call to be grateful for everything is worth more than wasting more of my time deliberating on those bygone experiences.

Toyin Tolase in particular inspired this 31 Days Gratitude Challenge, and I’m sending back my word to her that – oh yeah, we can be positive in all things.

Immediate my mind went far back to those days of selling firewood before I could be able to raise money for my transportation to school. Or should I mention the days of doing Bricklayer’s errand jobs? Or is it countless number of greater goods I’ve achieved in this world. Oh, maybe those aren’t worthy of a mention. Is it the good old days of having to spend just #20 Naira (about $0.25 cent as at then) on three square meal?

Aren’t those the past already? I agree they were my past.

Yeah, today, I can afford to buy myself a dream car which was literally impossible then. Ain’t gratitude attitude my next agenda on the table?

Okay, I can understand driving ain’t fun to you, yeah, I also fly occasionally like you do too. Paying for airfare ain’t joke. That attracts some decent amount of money.

Or maybe we talk about the bad old days…I’m sure you might get the drill of what this 31 Days Gratitude Challenge is all about.

For the record, I once wrote about Gratitude Attitude in one of my past posts.

Short Story About My Past

At the age of 3, I was involved in a domestic accident which almost took away my left leg. Today, I’d have been working with sticks. The story is a very long one. As I could remember, there was a construction work going on in my grandfather’s compound then. I was there on holiday. You know those third term holidays that takes almost three quarters of the year? That was it. I was playing with this concrete mixture machine. I learnt to drive the best fleets of car with maneuvering skills in my childhood days. If you know, you know. I could bring out car out of nowhere to drive – from used tyres to cover lid machines and all of sorts.
The zeal to drive anything dragged me to that innocent concrete mixing machine that was jejely packed in the compound. The innocent me thought this machine was brain dead and locked. I mounted on its wheel control it as I would in real time Paul Walker body. May his soul rest in peace.
Unfortunately for me then, but fortunate because it has been written to take place. So I can’t argue with destiny.
The machine rolled the other side with my left leg hung in its wheel. Boom?, the unfortunate event of the time ?. The ? effect of getting rolled thrice in a concrete mixing machine dawned on my innocent soul. I passed out for days but thank God, I can talk about it today.

You know the pain of having to see your friends walking, jumping and doing all kind of stuffs and you can’t. You can’t play ball, run around to make things happen for yourself. That’s life threatening right?

Or countless of times I escaped physical, mental and psychological accidents of life?

Or the event of one’s time I usually refer to as life drama. Life drama takes place every once in a while in some people’s lives while some get served life drama pepper soup every day of the week.

You can’t be so grateful if you’ve not been served this kind of stew. I’m not referring to Wizkid and Tiwa Savage kind of stew. I mean the Life Drama that Abolore Akande (also known as 9ice) sings about in his song.

My aim and prayer for you is, you’ll always be battle ready to face your life drama. You can’t escape your life drama. They make or break you. If you face them confidently, you will triumph and be who you were destined to be. But if you run, they break you down to make yoi who you don’t want. We talk about this in the future or read simplifying greatness.

Now back to why all rave about this 31 Days Gratitude Challenge. There aren’t more days to 2019. In fact, we have less than 31 days for us to bid 2018 farewell.

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I don’t have to struggle to get some things done. And when I look back, I realized the pattern of my growth and the most important tool that has worked for me so far, and that is, gratitude attitude.

Being grateful has helped me forge ahead so much that whenever I leave the path of gratitude, I tend to go backward than I could ever have imagined.

I discovered this magic wand sometimes back, and my dream and purpose is for you to also use it to your advantage.

How To Be Part of The 31 Days Gratitude Challenge

  1. Write out 31 Things/Situations/Circumstances/Encounter that have. Break/Make/Shaped you that you are grateful for.
  2. Have yourself an affirmation-like book where you put these memories in real time for record purposes.
  3. Leverage the power of social media to share your grateful memories and moments with others in a bid to inspire and motivate them and give hope of a brighter future. You can use YOUR Whatsapp status, Facebook status, Instagram status, Twitter timeline and host of other platforms to get the word out there.
  4. Use the hashtag #31DaysGratitudeChallenge and #GratitudeChallenge to stay in the loop with other participants.
  5. Continue the process till the end of the challenge on December 31st.
  6. Share your testimony with the community here after this challenge and let’s see if between now and then, your life would not have taken another turn towards positivity.

Join me in this 31 Days Gratitude Challenge and let’s explore the world of possibilities in the midst of impossibles.

I promise you, your 2019 will be ??? if you make the most of this 31 Days Gratitude Challenge.

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  1. Thank you Daniel for inspiring me this morning with your story. It is not over until we gave up. Coming from nowhere to getting here, and yet giving back hope. I sure will participate in this challenge.

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