We’d have been dead by now!

We’d have been dead by now. The hustle is real but we choose the best and seemingly unrealistic-realistic route to stardom, and it is working. If the motivation were to be MONEY, we’d have bought private jets, exotic cars, invest in gigantic real estate structures, spend anyhow and be dead by now! For every enjoyment […]


Should all good advices be taken?⁣⁣Quick Answer: No.⁣⁣Before giving expert advice, I ask lots of questions. One half of my digital marketing consultations is questions.⁣⁣This isn’t random.⁣⁣You see, good advices can save your life. Good advices can also screw you up.⁣⁣Just because something worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for you. What worked […]


Let’s pretend you love football. But it’s half time and your team is getting thrashed. Three goals down. Yes, you love hotdogs. But not when your fave underdogs are getting roasted. God, this is a massacre! But something happened in the dressing room. You don’t know what. The second half whistle goes and your team […]