05 February 2019

The Big Wedding

Let’s play a quick game. Take a good look at yourself. Compare your dreams to your biggest available resources. 9 times out of 10, you don’t seem to have enough to make your dreams come true. Naturally, your dreams are bigger than what you have now. Sound familiar? Then, pay close attention. This scenario? I […]

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One Way, Many Wills By Tope Fabusola

Hands up if you still look both ways before crossing a one-way route! Don’t be shy now! Legion is our name, because we are many. Whenever I cross a one-way route, I still look both ways. I don’t care if the vehicle was supposed to come from just one side. Thanks, but no thanks. While […]

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Welcome to February – Month of Actualizing Dreams & Witness of Funny Dramas

Happy New Month to you! Welcome to February 2019. This February is your month and everything that has failed to work since January, they’ll begin to work for you. This february comes lots of dramas from politicians, don’t be distracted. Lots of love in the air for the Valentinians! Doors of opportunities will open. And […]

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