Be free

Don’t take life too seriously but don’t joke with it either.

It is kinda complicated but let me explain this.

To take life too seriously is to start making things difficult for yourself by trying to conform.

Be a bit vulnerable so people can have access to you too. Don’t be too rigid about life.

Life is sweet, enjoy the moment. It is only one life.


Journey through the pages of life. Life is full of books unread. When you travel, you flip those pages to discover new things.

Don’t stay comfortable in your present location. Go places far away from your favorite places.

Visit the museum. Historical places are there for you to explore. Get to know these beautiful places.

Take a boat cruise, climb mountains, or jump on a beached sail. Catch a flight to another city or town further away from your country.

You can plan all these in your 2020 budgets. You don’t have to go to Dubai to enjoy some of these amazing things, you can start from your little way and grow from there. We have local tourist attraction centers in the countryside to explore as a starter. The Olumo Rock, Erin Ijesha Falls, Ado Awaye suspended lake which happens to be one of two hanging lake worldwide, Badagry, Elegushi Beach, and a host of others.

Just start anyhow. Don’t freak out right from starting.

  • Ask questions and get answers. Inspire yourself.
  • Do everything that would make your heart pump beyond its usual pumping rate. It won’t kill you!
  • Just try something new.
  • Don’t procrastinate anything.

To your new and better 2020!

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