30 December 2018

Reflections and Reality Check for 2018 + Goal Setting Guidelines

Can you take a moment to answer these questions? They are Retrospective, Introspective and Prospective. Answers to some of these reality check questions may make you think deep down, help you realize you’re holding on to what you should let go and give you clarity for the new year. Hint: Get a pen and a […]

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My Thoughts on Adeniji Lois’s Spur Nation Magazine!

A month ago, I was invited to an award ceremony at MVB lounge, one of the household name in the lounge and bar business in the city of Ibadan. The event went well, there I was flattered with an award which I don’t really think was meant for me. lol But in the lieu of […]

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01 December 2018

Join My 31 Days Gratitude Challenge If You Want Your 2019 to Be Lit???

It is for one good reason to flock with the right people; so you could live a good and positive life. You are influenced by those you move with. As a matter of fact, you are a by-product of five of your best friends (people you spent more time with). Talking about those I spent […]

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