23 September 2018


OLAWALE is coming back! He is qualified to be amongst those jostling for the Man of the Year Award. I love what Olawale did. You can’t just let the social media frenzies drain you and get you depressed. He was accepted when money and fame were his best friend. But when the tide turns, social […]

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BrowserWars or BankWars: Microsoft Edge and Cortana proving a point!

Tech is crazy! I was aware of #BankWars which trended for weeks across Nigeria of recent before the baby bank apologized to its masters! But #BrowserWars hasn’t gotten much of attention lately. Not because there wasn’t one, but just that, since the early days of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, we have witness less of […]

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do_action hackathon – Olawale Daniel shares the zeal behind his passion for CSR

I wrote a short testimony about the book “Drops From My Heart” last three months. It was given to me, and the rest of my WordPress’s do_action hackathon team in Lagos. But, in that post, I failed to upload pictures of the rest of the team. I personally think they all deserved some accolades as […]

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