31 August 2018

EMBERS must obey!

About two years ago, I wrote It’s EMBERICALLY going to great. Lots of good stuff have been written since then. Quite large number of souls have been blessed by that small but mighty piece of creativity and ultimate inspiration from above. Fast forward to this year, we are stronger than ever before. Meanwhile, we ain’t […]

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Uncle Thomas Syndrome: Celebrate all the Thomas in Your Life

Thanks to all the Uncle Thomas’s on my way up here. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to chase (or better put, pursue)┬ámy dreams or get up to this level. Yeah, they deserve some accolades! A really big one for that matter. Hear this, if you don’t have uncle Thomas in your life, […]

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One Working Success Formula for Dream Chasers

Today, I have this short success formula for you. You need, in all honesty, to seize the moment and find your core interest. I mean your purpose. Something you will be devoted at, day in and day out, without getting tired at doing it. When you do that regularly, you will arrive at success. Success […]

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Who Owns Success?

Success belongs to those exceptional people who wake up every morning with sole purpose to pursue their dreams regardless of the hardships. Success is for those who have made up their mind not to give up, not to give in and not to throw in the towel. It is for those who have said “It […]

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Don’t spend too much time doing unnecessary things. Time is money. And it is always the most tiniest thing in every life picture. Looking at the image above, what do you see clearly? The hairy dog or that little time on the floor? Most of the times, people see the dog at a glance but […]

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14 August 2018

Investment Update, Fourth Quarter 2018

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