Research: Google is your friend!

When we lend our words of advise to people as regards health or investment, they’d care less. Thinking there’s something in it for us. But they would gladly believe any type of lies in their so-called trusted sources – mass media! Then they’d quote them saying; Government said this, they said that. Warren Buffet said […]

Entitlement kills!

Now I know why DJ Khaled always say ‘Bless Up’. Entitlement kills the inner man in you. It renders it useless and dependable on others for a living. It could even lead the subject into committing crimes against self and humanity. Don’t let your emotions becloud your decision when you are at the receiving end. […]

Types of Success

There are two types of success, one is useless! Sitting here by the pool contemplating a simple question… What separates those “who make it” from “those who don’t”. There are so many different perspectives on this, but to me it really boils down to this: You might be successful, but that success might actually be […]


March 26, 1993. A picture shook the whole world. Famine in the land. A dying boy held to the last shred of life, moving what was left of his bones to the UN feeding centre. He was too weak. He collapsed. But that is not the tragedy. Just a few feet away, a vulture waited […]